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About the Amedore Family

Amedore Homes is a company that you can trust.


People from all walks of life, from different parts of our ever shrinking world, share a few common values. The first is family, the close relationships that persevere for generations. Another is the home, if the heart is our emotional center then the home is the physical heart of the family. The home is the place where the true joys of family are celebrated, recorded and passed down from generation to generation. From the portraits on the mantle to the smudged pencil lines on the wall chronicling a child's growth, the home is at the center of our lives.

At Amedore we build those homes. Homes of lasting value that stand the test of time, homes where families make the memories they will cherish forever.

We are one of those families, building our lives from generation to generation. It began over four decades ago when George Amedore Sr. began his career as a carpenter, working the tools of the trade while learning the important principles of honest, hard work. Methods are always changing but principles never do. With that philosophy he laid the foundation for a company that now spans three generations. A company that eagerly seeks new and better ways to deliver the best value, while adhering to the principles and integrity that set us apart. The Amedore family continues to build on that integrity, generation by generation; we are a company that you can trust.

Award winning homes and communities YOU WANT to live in

Award winning home builder.
An Amedore Home is a wise investment for first time buyers.

At Amedore Homes we are committed to offering unparalleled value in all of our homes. It is our firm belief, our mission, to provide our customers an  opportunity to surround themselves with excellence.

Our vision is to develop homes that grow into neighborhoods, neighborhoods that evolve and shape communities that contribute to a healthy, vibrant way of life. Before we even consider a site or assemble our talented team of designers, planners and engineers we consider the significance of its natural beauty and how we may weave our neighborhood through it. We research the quality of education, availability of services, cultural and recreational opportunities in the area, existing and planned. Often we participate in enhancing these opportunities as part of our contribution to emerging neighborhoods.

If all of the elements are right we begin the process towards creating the perfect environment for our customers to live and flourish.


The Biltmore single-family home by Amedore Homes Townhomes by Amedore Homes Maintenance free condominiums by Amedore Homes

As attractive and well built as our homes appear on the outside, rest assured that the same quality and attention to detail extend throughout. A combination  of high quality materials, old world craftsmanship and superior design ensure long lasting beauty with low maintenance and energy efficiency.

We offer a wide variety of home styles ranging from our traditional single-family homes to townhomes and condominiums. Each style offers a range of innovative features that assures you, our home buyer, that we can meet all of your needs. You choose your own blend of sophistication and comfort from the many options we offer. Have a different idea; our staff will work with you to make it a reality.

Our homes go through a rigorous three step process of design, engineering and assembly with our staff scrutinizing each step along the way. We work in cooperation with the local authorities and their engineers examining each phase of construction throughout the entire building process. At Amedore Homes we have highly trained energy consultants on staff to ensure that your new home will meet or exceed the New York ENERGY STAR® Homes standard for heating and cooling while providing you comfort and affordability.

Let us help you build your DREAM HOME

Let Amedore Homes worry about building your home while you enjoy time with your family.

Few of life's experiences can match the excitement, anticipation, and satisfaction that accompanies building a brand new home. For most people, it's the end result of a lifelong dream.

In just 4 easy steps your dream home is waiting for you...

  1. You will work very closely with one of our knowledgeable New Home Consultants, selecting your desired community, home-site and floorplan from the available options.

  2. Spend time with our Selections Coordinator in our Home Creation Design Center, where you will be able to choose from a huge array of products to personalize your home.

  3. Meet with our site Construction Coordinator for a home inspection and walk-through.

  4. Final inspection of your completed home and once the closing documents are finalized you will be handed the keys and deed to your dream home!