ENERGY Smart with Amedore Homes

What is the HERS Index?

The HERS Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) was developed by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and is the nationally recognised system for inspecting and calculating a home’s energy performance.

Compare us against others.

Outside of a mortgage loan, the highest cost of homeownership are energy costs. Smart homebuyers examine a home’s HERS Index to determine its energy efficientcy before buying, much like checking an MPG sticker on a car. Before you buy, try to find one with a lower HERS rating than ours!


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What the numbers mean.

A standard new home is awarded a rating of 100 on the HERS Index. The lower a home rates, the more energy efficient it is. Therefore, our average home rating of 53 on the HERS Index is 45% more energy efficient that the standard new home! The US Department of Energy has determined that a typical resale home scores 130 on the HERS Index. The lower the HERS Index the more energy efficient a home is, meaning lower energy costs for the homeowner, visit A low HERS Index adds value and comfort to a home, which is why we ensure that we use energy efficient construction techniques. We view each home as a system where our added energy features maximize it’s performance and durability.

Building a home that’s better for you and the environment…

We are committed to doing our share to help preserve the environment for future generations. Our Energy Smart homes can reduce utility costs as much as 30% when compared to conventionally built homes. Our homeowners enjoy a warmer home during those cold, northeast winter months and a cooler, dryer environment during those hot, hazy days of summer. Experience a healthier living environment with any one of our indoor environment systems that reliably provide comfort and lower energy bills throughout the year. Ecology and economy, more reasons why an Amedore Energy Smart home is a great investment in your family.

…by taking the WHOLE HOUSE approach.

We view your house as a system where our added energy features maximize its performance and durability.

  • We use energy heels on the roof system to prevent the insulation from being pinched at the roof-line.
  • In addition to truss energy heels, we also install wind blocks at the eaves to prevent outside air from blowing through the insulation. This allows the insulation to achieve maximum R-Value at the most critical area in your ceiling.
  • All of our homes insulation is thoroughly inspected for proper installation to ensure a more efficient, comfortable home.
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified, low-E windows that help to regulate heat and protect your furnishings from UV light.
  • All holes, joints, penetrations, duct-work, and electrical outlets are sealed during the construction phase to reduce air infiltration and increase energy savings.
  • We perform a blower-door test to determine how tight each home is. Our combustion safety test assures that there is no dangerous carbon monoxide present.
  • As much as 30% energy loss occurs through the basement. This is why we fully frame and insulate your basement perimeter walls.
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified lighting & appliances that help save you money, conserve natural resources and protect the environment.
  • An environmentally friendly underground lawn irrigation system that conserves water usage and saves you money.