Building Process

Let us help you build your DREAM HOME.

Few of life’s experiences can match the excitement, anticipation, and satisfaction that accompanies building a brand new home. For most people, it’s the end result of a lifelong dream.

We offer a wide variety of home styles ranging from our thoughtfully designed single-family homes, to low maintenance townhomes and condominiums. Each style offers a range of innovative features that assures you, our home buyer, that we can meet all of your needs. You choose your own blend of sophistication and comfort from the many options we offer. Have a different idea; our staff will work with you to make it a reality.

Just 4 easy steps


You will work closely with one of our knowledgeable New Home Consultants, selecting your desired community, homesite, and floorplan from the available options.


Spend time with our Selections Coordinator in our Home Creation Design Center, where you will be able to choose from an array of products to personalize your new home.


Meet with our site Construction Coordinator for a home inspection and walk-through.


Final inspection of your completed home. Once the closing documents are finalized you will be handed the keys and deed to your dream home!

A more in depth look at building your DREAM HOME.

1. Homesite Reservation.

Working closely with one of our New Home Consultants you will select your homesite and reserve it with a $1,500 deposit. You will then have 10 days to choose your floorplan, elevation, and finalize all inclusions to your purchase agreement, such as options and other special considerations.

2. Homesite Orientation

The site Construction Coordinator will walk with you around your chosen homesite and discuss such things as property lines, grades, and where the house will be situated.

3. Purchase and Sales Agreement

This is your opportunity to review in detail the plans for your new home with our Team, and have questions answered prior to signing the agreement. This is the most cost-effective time to make changes or add options. We are happy to make any future changes, including structural modifications, but we strongly encourage customers to make final changes at this time to avoid added expenses or delays to the closing.

4. Mortgage Application

We work with many financial institutions and can recommend a mortgage company that offers innovative and competitive financing. Mortgage applications should be completed within seven days of contract signing (or seven days after a contract is obtained on current property). When you have a written mortgage commitment, please forward a copy to your New Home Consultant so our attorney can order title insurance on a timely basis.

5. Selection Meeting & Final Sign-Off

It’s time to personalize your new home! You will spend time with our Selections Coordinator in our Home Creation Design Center, where you will choose from an array of products to personalize your home. After your selections meeting you will have the final sign-off meeting where you will summarize all of your choices. This is also the last time to make any changes or additions via one of our Sales Change Orders. Changes made after this point are at the builder’s discretion and a change order fee will be charged.

6. Framing & Electrical Walk-Through

You will walk through your framed home with the site Construction Coordinator and see for yourself the care and quality of our construction. Our site Construction Coordinator will go over in detail the electrical wiring which is included with the home. This is the time to discuss any additional items you may want to add to the wiring system of the home and if you have any questions or concerns, now is the time to ask. Once your framing and electrical walk-through is complete, we will provide you with a more targeted closing date.

7. Site Visits

Active construction sites are exciting, but potentially dangerous places. For your own safety, and in compliance with insurance regulations, we require that visits to the site occur Monday through Friday during normal business hours. The site Construction Coordinator MUST be present. Additionally, depending on the phase of construction, it may be necessary to wear a hard hat. Please arrange all visits through your New Home Consultant.

8. Pre-Closing Walk Through

This is your opportunity to thoroughly inspect your new home with the site Construction Coordinator before your final closing. In addition, you will receive a detailed orientation, including appropriate demonstrations, of the many features and systems in your new home.

9. Closing

Following the steps outlined above you can be assured of a smooth, on-time closing, which will take place at the office of the lender’s attorney.

10. After You Move In

Our goal is to provide you with enriched living and lasting value, our relationship with you does not end when you move in. We stand behind our work and are happy to answer questions or concerns about maintaining your home. If any issues arise please contact us via email to [email protected]

Congratulations, and Enjoy Your New Home!