Early-Move In & Build-to-Suit

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Blog

While purchasing a “new construction” home means that you’ll be moving into a house that no one has ever lived in, within that term there are several variations and no one-size-fits-all options. Some new construction homes are “move-in ready,” while others are ready to be built. Here are a few points to consider when navigating a new construction home purchase.

Both new construction homes and move-in ready homes will be brand new, built with high energy efficiency, new materials, and up to the latest building code standards. The difference between a move-in ready home and a ready to build home is the point at which the buyer becomes involved in the process and how long it takes before a buyer can move in and start living there.

For buyers who are looking to have a highly customized home where they have a say in the lot, design, materials, and other aspects of a build, the ready to build option would be preferable. In the case of purchasing a home in a new build neighborhood, the buyer would be able to choose from several floor plans that the builder already has available.

Because the home has yet to be constructed, buyers are able to select those features that personalize the home to suit their tastes and lifestyles, giving them a higher degree of control over the planning. However, that increased participation in the design process often comes with a higher price tag and a significantly greater investment of time. Starting literally from the ground up means delaying move-in time by several months.

If time is a factor, a move-in ready home might be the preferred option. A move-in ready home is just that—it is ready for immediate occupancy, simplifying the process of purchasing a new construction home. This does mean less control of features such as wall colors, appliances, kitchen layout, flooring, and fixtures, but the upside is that a move-in ready home removes the decision fatigue that can come with the ready to build option and eliminates the possible need to find interim housing while waiting for a house to finished.

A meet-in the middle option between ready to build and move-in ready is to find a builder who offers the choice to customize a nearly completed home, giving the buyer freedom to select features such as countertops and cabinet finishes. Once these interior details are finalized, the builder can finish the home to have it move-in ready in a relatively short period of time.

The option you choose—whether ready to build or move-in ready—is a highly personal one based largely on factors of time, budget, and customization, but in both cases, these homes will feature the latest design trends and not require any costly remodeling or renovating.