If you want to buy a home and are having a hard time deciding whether to purchase a new home in Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park or Albany, NY you may want to explore the options of purchasing a home in Round Lake, NY.

Round Lake, NY is a beautiful location in the middle of the two cities, making it easy either way. You will have convenient access to the cities for whatever needs you can’t find in Round Lake, but will also be able to come relax at home in this cozy village.

The village is named after Round Lake, which is just east of the village. An additional body of water North East, Little Round Lake, which is connected to the main lake by stream.

A Brief History

Round Lakes origins began as a meeting location for summer camp in the mid 1800’s. Most of those stopping buy would rent land and pitch tents, but in 1868, structures started to be built that would last longer for than just one season. Overtime is has become home for a little over 600 residents.

Round Lake is a visually beautiful location for those who like Victorian homes. These homes have been restored over the years so that the unique homes could retain their beautiful designs that have graced the village for over a century.

Victorian Landings

Amedore Homes will soon be opening their newest townhome community in Round Lake, NY, Victorian Landings, which will supply the area with more modern homes that still compliment the beautiful village.

Victorian Landings will consist of 80 elegant townhomes that will offer low-maintenance living for all residents of the community. If you are interested in the idea of moving into the village, please contact our sales team so that you can see all the Victorian Landings has to offer.