What’s so great about condo living anyway?

Amedore Homes 02-07-2012 BlogCondominiums offer an economical, easy, and convenient lifestyle, and as one of our homeowners has told us, “it’s like being on vacation everyday!” Many of our homeowners are scaling down, moving away from their big expensive homes in favor of a more care-free lifestyle. Buyers get a sense of security knowing they are in a small community, where neighbors watch out for each other, and are provided with that sense of relief knowing that many of the headaches are taken care of for their families.

These close-knit condominium communities are built with convenience in mind and are in close proximity to everyday needs such as, shopping, dining, medical care and pharmacies. Other local interests include bike trails, community centers, parks, bus routes and easy access to major highways.

It’s not only the down-sizer’s, empty nester’s and retiree’s that see the value in condo living. Young professionals, first-time buyers and second-home owners can also appreciate this style of living while building equity for their future. When renting, you’re building equity for someone else, they get the tax write-offs and have full control over your annual rent increases. However, by purchasing your own condominium you have an expected, fixed monthly payment, are able to deduct the mortgage interest, down payment, and real property liability from your annual income taxes. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that the home belongs to you and are on the first steps of building your own American Dream.

Amedore Home’s condominiums provide a “Turn Key” lifestyle, where all outside maintenance is taken care of for you. Maintenance free living means exactly that. You’ll have no need to worry when Father Winter arrives, you can stay in the warmth of your home as someone else removes the snow from your driveway and entryway. What about frequently mowing, fertilizing and watering the lawn, or the dreaded fall cleanup? No problem, that’s taken care off too! You won’t need to invest in big-ticket machines like a snow-blower, lawn mower or pressure washer. All you need to do is spend more time doing the things you love.

Each homeowner is actively involved with the care of the community through the Home Owners Association (H.O.A.), which means you get a voice in how best to protect your investment by keeping uniformity within the community. Community H.O.A. services are contracted with discount group pricing as opposed to the individual charges associated with a single-family home situation, saving all the home owners money. Typically homeowner insurance policies are less expensive because you are only insuring the interior of your home and personal possessions.

No matter your age or reasons, condo living is definitely worth considering. Amedore Home’s has a great reputation for well thought out, energy efficient floorplans, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Giving confidence to home buyers, home owners and real estate professionals alike.

We currently have two condo communities under construction, The Reserve at Whitehall Pointe at the corner of New Scotland Avenue and Whitehall Road in Albany, NY and Turnberry Estates off Bay Road in Queensbury, NY.