Happy EARTH DAY everyone! Celebrate our planet and learn about simple things that you can do everyday to help benefit this wondrous place we call home. Every little thing helps. So what can we do as individuals on a daily basis to help reduce our footprint? The New York State DEC has a great article on it’s website with a list of 50 simple things we can do each and every day. Here are a few, but check out the full list at NYS DEC for more great ideas. Or join us on Facebook and tell us what you pledge to do.

  • Don’t wash dishes with the water running.
  • Wash and dry only full loads.
  • Shut off the sink while brushing your teeth.
  • Switch off unnecessary lights.
  • Compost leaves and grass clippings.
  • Water the grass early in the morning.
  • Bring your own string bag or cloth tote.
  • Recycle!