There is something special about your first spring season in your newly built home. We all look forward with anticipation for the month of May to arrive in beautiful upstate New York, as all the flowers begin to bloom, and all the plant life will start to turn bright green. Experiencing this in a bran new home you have custom designed and placed on the home site of your choice is by far one of life’s amazing rewards to any family. So as we begin a new spring season, this is the best time to begin planning that new dream home. We are still enjoying 40 year low interest rates, with banks and lending institutions competing more than ever for your business, 2006 will continue to be, as we will look back in years to come one the best years of the new millennium for American families to build there dream home. It is true that the trend researchers continue to try to predict the future of the housing market with the constant talk of the bubble bursting real-estate market. The truth is what started this incredible era in US history, that has put more Americans in homes of there own, than any other time in our nation, has been our record low interest. With the Federal Reserve indicating in the 2nd week of April 0/6 that rising of the interest rates is just about over, we can look at the future of home sales to be strong and even continue to grow. The greater capital association of realtors released statistics on Monday 4-24-06 indicating sales of homes in the month of March 06 took a leap surpassing sales of March 05 a year earlier with lower interest rates. So we can look at the spring of 06 as a great time to plan for spring of 07 in newly custom built home or maintenance free condominium. Begin now planning and shopping for a homebuilder with a proven track record that will outlast any boom or bust. With so many exciting, and innovative new products and features available to customers, such as all new choices of flooring, lighting and cabinetry. Today’s homes are truly a work of art, with families enjoying convinces only dreamed of by their predecessors. So on the next crisp sunny morning when you smell that spring air; picture yourself a year from now, in that bran new custom home built especially for you and your family!