George Amedore, Sr., founder of Amedore Homes, Inc., began his career doing remodeling jobs. This evolved into building single homes, and over time, entire neighborhoods. As he surveyed his 35-year career in the home building industry, he realized that it is about much more than hammers and nails. For Amedore, building houses is about bettering the lives of individuals, families and communities as a whole. “Every time I drive down a street that we developed and see the houses built along it, I feel very privileged to have been the one who created a very safe and secure neighborhood for families to live in,” he said. But serving the company’s clientele doesn’t stop after the closing. Just as communication between builder and home buyer is critical during the building process, continued communication with homeowners to help them get the most out of their new homes is a priority for this home builder. To that end, Amedore Homes is pleased to introduce its quarterly newsletter, THE INSIDE VIEW. Not only is the newsletter designed to help Amedore Homes stay in touch with its customers, but it aims to help homeowners live better in their new homes, with tips and articles about maintaining their homes (for example, see the tips on page 2) and warranty issues. With over 3,000 component parts in each home, it is important that homeowners be informed about how to best maintain one of the biggest investments they have ever made. The more homeowners know about the systems and materials of which their houses are made, the more they will enjoy their homes. In upcoming issues, homeowners can read information they can use, including easy-fix maintenance issues, seasonal check-lists to keep your home and garden in tip-top condition and in the spring a guide to maintaining you lawn to keep it looking its best, you really can have the best on the block. A home isn’t complete when the furniture is moved in and pictures hung. The home is like a blank canvas to express the homeowners’ creativity and personal style. In upcoming issues, Amedore Homes’ design studio will keep homeowners abreast on the hottest new trends in interior design. With neighborhoods in Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Montgomery and Warren counties, Amedore Homes will seek to keep homeowners up to date on what is going on in their own neighborhoods. The newsletter is also designed to keep future home buyers and real estate industry professionals current on the latest trends in home building and new features that are planned for homes under construction. There will also be educational pieces about the role and responsibilities of the home builder to help homeowners better understand this relationship so that the home building process will be a pleasurable one. As Amedore Homes continues to grow, the newsletter will provide updates on the company’s expansion. A big part of growth is giving back to the communities that the company serves, so the newsletter will have articles on Amedore Homes efforts to better the lives of Capital District residents, such as its work with Habitat for Humanity, the Schenectady Group Home & the Ronald McDonald House. Amedore Homes invites you to make a cup of coffee, sit back and take a few minutes to read about how to receive greater enjoyment out of your home.