Congratulations! You have decided to build your dream home with Amedore Homes! What will happen next????? What can you expect to happen???? You can be confident that your Amedore Homes sales consultant will help you with all of the steps necessary to get from here to your move-in day but there will be some steps you will take on that journey. After you have signed a purchase agreement, you must bring your agreement to your attorney for the “attorney approval” and you will want to apply for a mortgage as outlined. While you are doing this, you will be asked to get all of your structural changes firmed up so the builder can immediately start on your “blackline drawing.” This drawing will be a simplified drawing of your home showing the exterior front; back and sides and the inside layout of your home. Everything that you may have put into your paperwork will be shown; such as a tray ceiling, additional window, etc. You will be asked to approve the drawing if it is accurate. It will be sent to the designers who will turn it directly into a blueprint. There can be no changes after this time because the blueprint will go directly to the town to be approved for your building permit and to the surveyors to be plotted on your lot for the excavators. While this is going on, you will be having the fun part of the building process that we call “Selections”. You can make all of your choices such as siding color; front door selection; carpeting etc. This is the time when your home will really start to take on your personality and you’ll start to get excited about the seeing the finish product. When you are completely done with the selections; you will be asked to again approve everything that you have chosen. The Amedore office will assemble a complete package to give the foreman with the blueprint for your home, the proposed plot plan (survey) and all of your choices. When he receives this, he knows that he is free to go forward a build your home without any further changes or interruptions. This will make him free to schedule the construction of your home knowing that he has all the information that he needs. This is the formula for a home that is built accurately and on time. Now you can sit back, knowing that you have done everything that you need to do and watch your dream become a reality!