Who doesn’t want to improve their quality of life each and every year? What better way to start out a new year than building a brand new home. Imagine moving into a home where every item in it has never been used. New furnace, new roof, new windows, new floors, new carpeting, new appliances………you get the picture! We at Amedore Homes understand that many people don’t realize all of the benefits of living in a new home. One benefit is that you and your neighbors will move into the community at approximately the same time. This allows you to easily fit in and connect with your new community. Some additional benefits are: * New homes have next to no maintenance! * New homes are more energy efficient, which will save you money every month! * New homes are a more solid investment and appreciate at a better rate! * New homes are built using updated codes which improves the quality from even a year old home! * New Homes offer you the choice of layout and color selections-no re-decorating someone’s mistakes! * New homes carry a 6 year warranty! With the purchase of a new home, these benefits will go a long way towards improving your quality of life in the new year!